Saturday, September 26th, 2020
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Who We Are/History

One of the oldest businesses in the area, Indiantown Company was formed in 1952 by Yvonne R. Famel, a West Palm Beach widow and Robert M. Post, Sr. The corporation originally included the telephone company (ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc.) and other businesses as part of its assets. Soon after the formation of Indiantown Company, plans were made to modernize the water and sewer system including installing a new treatment plant.

Today, ICO’s water treatment and reuse facility handles the waste water service and repurposes the water to near drinking water standards for use in industrial and other agricultural needs. This ensures a high degree of cleanliness for the water that is returned for non-drinking purposes. Indiantown Company is environmentally-conscious and believes that reuse water makes good sense because it is an important industrial asset and a stable, cost-effective water supply. With a 1.5 million gallon available capacity, the ICO water reuse facility is equipped to handle both current and future Indiantown industry needs.


Indiantown Company Water

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15851 SW Farm Rd
Indiantown, FL 34956
Tel: 772-597-2121

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ITS Fiber Customer Service + Sales Office
15931 SW Warfield Blvd (Next to Little Caesar's Pizza)
Indiantown, FL 34956


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