Friday, June 22nd, 2018
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Indiantown Company, Inc.

Indiantown Company is a local Martin County, Florida water and wastewater utility that furnishes potable water and sewer service to approximately 1,800 households and businesses.

Their service area consists of the unincorporated Urban Services District in Indiantown, Florida. Indiantown Company is privately held and has no taxing authority. They also do not receive any tax revenues from the state, county or city governments. However, Indiantown Company is regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency at the federal government level.


June 25 - July 9th, 2018

Press Release: Indiantown Company, Inc.

Notice: Water Customers of the Indiantown Company Service Area

In accordance with our efforts to provide safe drinking water to the residents of Indiantown, we will be performing some water system maintenance procedures during the TWO WEEK PERIOD STARTING MONDAY June 25th 2018 AND ENDING ON July 9th 2018. During this time we will be switching our water disinfection method from the use of Chloramines, a disinfectant made from chlorine and ammonia, to the use of Free Chlorine.

Free Chlorine is a stronger germ-killer, but sometimes leaves a chlorine taste or smell in tap water. This change is a normal procedure to help ensure that potentially harmful microbes do not develop in our water system.

With the exception of tropical fish, free chlorine generally is not harmful to humans and pets. However, it's lethal to the most stubborn types of bacteria and viruses. It prevents them from building a resistance to chloramines.

These temporary conditions will not be harmful to your health, however, if you are on kidney dialysis, you should consult your physician for special instructions concerning this matter. If you have tropical fish or aquatic animals, you should contact your local tropical fish store for advice and take appropriate action to insure that you have properly treated the water before adding it to your aquarium.

Please note that utility personnel will be flushing hydrants during this time and it may cause the water to become cloudy and discolored. This is a temporary condition and should not last more than a few hours. Because of the taste change, some people may temporarily choose to switch to an alternate water source, such as bottled water. Boiling water is one way to reduce the chlorine taste and smell during this period. Another way is to fill a container with tap water and allow it to ventilate.

For more information or any questions you may have, please contact the Indiantown Company Utilities Department at 772-597-2121 and ask for Jim Hewitt or Ernie Watson.


2017 Water Quality Report

The annual Quality Water Report has just been issued for 2017. You can view it by clicking on the link below:

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Tri-Annual Lead & Copper Test

The Tri-Annual Lead & Copper Test is issued every three years. Our most recent report for 2015 is posted here on our website. You can view it by clicking the link:

2015 Report

To Flush, Or Not To Flush?

Know what is safe for you to flush.

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